the follow-up order also meant the recovery of public space in a central location.
low-key design with pure functionality. the fire department.

bad frankenhausen

the kindergarten had concrete slabs. yet it had enough of these. the space on the playground was orphaned. free space everywhere. a place where children’s dreams could emerge. jumping puddles, skipping, crawling, climbing, drawing, smelling, running, riding. and laughing as well. to their hearts’ desire. a happiness design.

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erfurt downtown was on the agenda. small assignment that could have ended in irrelevance. it was a memorial, though.


a community, a replacement for their dilapidated community center. a new community center with a complex structure and building services engineering to leave no room for ecological questions.


the house built large in the 1970s. antiquated perspectives on all sides. reason enough for breaking up. and with it a builder stepping generously into the soft light of modernity. an assignment like velvet and silk.

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everything arises from the plane. even fire departments. property development and stylistic elements resulting from a process-like optimization of the task at hand.

bad frankenhausen

an entrepreneur and a ruin in a redevelopment area. the building in our minds, which made preservation indispensable, too easily do we separate ourselves from history, and too often do costs justify a careless demolition.
a success: the resurrection of traditional fronts.

bad frankenhausen

a large section of downtown,
a bit of redevelopment area,
a health resort,
a large field.

bad frankenhausen

small space, many children, small budget, clear structure, modern enthusiasm. multipurpose space.

brazil, venezuela, france

crusher plant,
stair towers,
conveyer bridge,
hard stylistic elements
of industrial and steel construction.


the first project, like a treasure. the builder large and open. with an old farmhouse at the edge of the village, striking from the outside. but with only little space to offer. and darkness. behind old fronts, the respect for the illusion of the house crumbling, new spaces emerged. a ray of hope.